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Please know there are much better things in life than being lonely or liked or bitter or mean or self-conscious. We are all full of shit. Go love someone just because; I know your heart may be badly bruised, or even the victim of numerous knifings, but it will always heal, even if you don’t want it to; it keeps going. There are the most fantastic, beautiful things and people out there, I promise. It is up to you to find them.

Chuck Palahniuk

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Hi, I’m back. =)

This blog is SO close to my heart, I could never retire it. Every single day of the ~12-odd months that I was away, I hoped to resolve my distance from this blog. It, in a way, represents me. I love all the things that I have posted here. It has helped me ponder, grow, and mature. Every post here is a thought that I once nurtured in my mind. My psyche. There is no way I could desert it. I’m back. :)

Progress may be a little slow, and I might not be posting as furiously as I was once known for, but I’ll be getting there soon yo! 

I’m SO excited. SO. Excited. 


An orthodox Jewish rally took place in Foley Square in New York City today to denounce the Israeli military & its latest efforts to draft orthodox Jewish men into the Israeli Defense Forces. 

“The evil rulers in the Holy Land want to incite and seduce young men and teenagers to acquiesce to idol worship and to participate in the impure army,” reads one poster, a digital copy of which was obtained and translated by the Forward. Yiddish language posters not only denounced the new draft policy, but the Israeli government & the military itself.

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Food Inc

I recommend that you watch this. And then make your family and friends watch it. Let everybody know that they could be leading better quality lives if they just ate even marginally better. I read this comment on some facebook page, and it may seem trite, but once you really appreciate its meaning, you know that it’s the truth, and it can’t be said any other way- ‘Where are we really, without out health?’

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Oh. She isn’t supposed to eat her feed? Silly cow!

Oh. She isn’t supposed to eat her feed? Silly cow!

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.


Now you know where Ben Bernanke learnt his economics from. 


Now you know where Ben Bernanke learnt his economics from. 



Don’t care about these comments. Simply liked the GIF :) 





lilo and stitch actually is the most depressing film that disney ever made

it’s literally about parents dying and a child being forced to raise her younger sister and about an alien coming and wrecking their house and having the fbi on their case only to show them true family and how to love each other when they feel so alone and really like no movie made me cry as a kid like this movie did

it’s also one of the most uplifting stories for the same reasons. nani is one of the strongest and most real characters in any disney movie imho, because here’s this girl who has been strong through losing her parents and having to raise her little sister. she’s doing the best she can by trying to find a new job, trying to keep her sister happy and safe, trying to work with CPS to keep her family together. she’s got to deal with having her whole world turned on its ear constantly and she is such a powerhouse. sure, she loses her cool, but in her situation, others would do it in far less productive ways. she is fantastically protective of lilo and just wants everything to be okay.

nani is the serious best character ever.

Lilo and Stitch is Disney’s greatest achievement imo.

Not to mention that Nani is one of the only (if not the only) animated Disney characters with an average body shape.  You can even see her little stomach rolls in the third gif.

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[T]he joy of breaking an unjust law is somewhat diminished by the knowledge that state functionaries may confine you in a steel cage for your having done so.

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The beach at sunrise. I think I’ll go this weekend. 

The beach at sunrise. I think I’ll go this weekend. 

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